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Caktus FAQs

The Basics

To get started with Caktus, just download the app for your iPhone/iPad. Once the app is installed, click the Caktus icon. Enter a few basic details about yourself and you're set!

Getting started on Caktus

The startup screen helps you get started on Caktus. Simply tap on Log in with Facebook or Login with Twitter and you are ready to rock!
Don’t worry! We care about you, we promise! We are working our hardest to release an Android version of Caktus as soon as possible. Keep tuned to our blog for further details.
Plug it in and check your connection. Place four (4) slices of bread in the slots in this order: (left to right) Rye, Pumpernickel, Whole Wheat, White. Generously butter the left side of each, then purchase an iPhone and follow the above instructions.

Navigating The App

The Friends (icon) tab shows what your friends are listening to and where. Here you can learn what music you and your friends both love.
On the friends tab, tap the toggle in the lower left to access your news feed. Here you can find a list of what your friends have been listening to lately. Click the like button to show them that you love that band too or press play to listen as well. (Music must already be on phone)
The Explore tab can be used to find users near you that like music similar to yours. Simply check the list and see what other awesome people near you are listening to! Learn more about Exploring.
The Trending tab is the fastest way to find the most popular music near you. Trending has two modes, controlled by a toggle in the lower right. Learn more about the Trending tab
When looking at the social trending screen, Caktus will show you what songs are being played the most among your friends, letting you stay in the loop with the music your friends love
Nearby mode lets you see what songs are the most popular within 10 miles of you, regardless of whether or not you are friends with the people playing. Think of this as a great way to get a feel for the community around you!


Check out your recent activity on Caktus and see how you look to the rest of the world. Tap your profile picture to change whether it uses your Facebook or twitter photo.
Every profile has three parts. Recent, Most Played and Travels.
  • Recent
    The recent section shows the most recent songs listened to by the specific user. You can use this to see what kind of playlists your friends are making, or even which songs they believe sound great together.
  • Most Played
    Check out your friends all time favorite songs here. What better way is there to see the music your friends love most? (There isn’t one!)
  • Travels
    Check out your friends’ most recent plays mapped out. Here you can see what your friends are checking out on their morning commute
The Music Player in Caktus is designed to be as simple to use as possible. Simply select an artist, album, song or playlist and enjoy your music. When a song is playing, tap the volume icon to change the volume of your music Use the Repeat or Shuffle buttons to set your music to repeat or shuffle, respectively.
To access the Settings Menu, simply tap the gear in the upper left hand corner To turn location services off, simply use the toggle. However, we recommend leaving location services on, because Caktus is way more awesome when your friends can see you on the map! In the settings menu, you can also send feedback or bug reports to the team. Just use the buttons and it will set up an email for you!
Finding friends on Caktus is as simple as signing in. Caktus will automatically find all of your friends from Facebook or the people you follow on Twitter and place their activity on the map for you. 
To change your profile picture, simply tap the profile picture already on your account and select from the options for the source of your new photo. Options Include:
  • Import from Twitter
  • Import from Facebook
  • Take Photo
  • Choose from library
Caktus never shares to other social networks unless you want it to. If you want to share to Facebook or Twitter, just tap the share button in the upper left corner of the app. Once you tap that, it will set up a post that shares what you are listening to. It’s as easy as two taps!